The Importance of Typography within Design

The Importance of Typography

within designed literature

The Importance of Typography within Design

The Importance of Typography within Design


We will provide guidance on the Importance of Typography within Design.


Typography defines typography as “the general character or appearance of printed matter”. It’s an all-encompassing term of vital importance to businesses, with text featuring on everything from company websites to published brochures. Keep on reading as we highlight the difference that typography can make when it comes to the visual presentation of your brand.

Aspects of typography include:

  • Typefaces – families of fonts (such as Times New Roman and Arial),
  • Fonts – text types with unique characteristics (such as Times New Roman Italic and Comforta Bold)
  • White space – also known as ‘negative space’ – refers to the area that is left blank for the separation of text and visuals.

Reflecting personality

The choice of typography will have a direct impact on the personality portrayed by your brand. As an example, Times New Roman has a clean and classical appearance, so is a good choice for formal business documents. On the other hand, Comic Sans, has an innocent and playful appearance, making it a great choice for children’s books.

Consider the personalities of these typefaces:

  • Garamond has a classic and understated elegance
  • Impact exudes boldness and confidence
  • Arial is clean and neutral (ideal for readability).

Building brand recognition

From Yorkshire Tea to Coca-Cola, successful brands make great use of typography. Such brands ensure a sense of consistency by using the same typography styles (typefaces, fonts, sizes) across different promotions. You can follow suit, building a sense of affinity and setting your brand apart with the right kind of type.

Clarity of communication

Legibility is one of the key factors in the choice of typography. The type must be large enough that it can be easily read, whether on a computer screen or billboard. Care should also be taken over the choice of colours, ensuring that the type stands out against the background.

It’s no good having type that draws the eye if the content can’t be easily understood. Particular care should be taken to ensure that it is as comprehensible as possible for people with reading disabilities (such as Dyslexia and Hyperlexia).

Persuasive impact

Typography can make all the difference when it comes to audience engagement and sales. One brand may highlight the luxurious appeal of their products by using an elegant and sophisticated typeface such as Bold Playfair Display. Another might opt to create a casual and relaxed vibe with Pacifico.

Typography design can also help to distinguish key sections and emphasise important sales messages. A balance between the typographical elements is crucial in terms of reader engagement and persuasion.

On-page hierarchy

Following on from the previous point, typography can be used in the creation of a visual hierarchy, where information is presented in order of importance. Attention is typically drawn to the headline through the use of a large and distinctive font. Subheadings are often slightly smaller, followed by the core page content.

Stand-out fonts might also be used to encourage the reading of calls to action, encouraging readers to buy your products and/or services.

Get in touch

Right now you’re probably wondering how to apply the points made in this blog for the promotion of your brand. Well, you’re very welcome to get in touch with thefingerprint to discuss the appropriate use of typography across everything from your business website to your vehicle graphics. Give us a call on 07740 348251 or email for expert recommendations on how to make your mark.

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