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BMM Networks

BMM Networks approached us to rebrand the business to reflect the renewable and environmental mission the business was working towards. Being a network supplier of EV Charging points the brand needed to reflect the green credentials the business was offering.

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Project Details

Ryan Ramsey, CEO of BMM Networks asked us to develop a new identity for their business as a result of working together with the sister business BMM Energy Solutions. Knowing the quality of our work already, and having a long standing relationship with Terry & Mark, Ryan new we could be trusted to deliver a brand that would stand out, be modern and flexible for the companies requirements. 

BMM Networks was founded in 2018 on the vision of providing a reliable national network for the growing EV market. The founders comprised of subject matter experts in the EV world, as well as serial entrepreneurs. This combination provided the balance of expertise and the ability to grow the business responsibly.

As such the branding, website and marketing materials needed to show that they were professional, committed to the environment and be bespoke. Our approach was to use a softer font with bold primary colours, backed up with a softer palette to reflect the target audience and flexible design layout to suit ppts, flyers, website and social media.

We’ve been really impressed with the service, from helping us create the right brand, through to website delivery and supporting services, it’s been first class. We’ve used others before – but wouldn’t again. I’d fully recommended this to all businesses, growing or well established. Ryan Ramsey CEO BMM Networks


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