Why you should always use premium plugins with your website

Why Use a Premium Plugin

and not a free one

Why you should always use premium plugins with your website

Why you should always use premium plugins with your website


We will provided guidance on the why you should always use premium plugins with your website.



Why You Should Always Use Premium Plugins with your Website

Many people have heard the term ‘plugin’.

Many people have heard the term ‘plugin’. Yet, they are unsure of how it can help their website stand out from the crowd. Similar to smartphone apps, plugins are software additions that take your WordPress website’s basic functionality to the next level. They allow videos or music to run. Equally, they can be used to add contact forms, social media feeds and GDPR compliant banners.

But, with so many free or ‘lite’ plugins available, you may be tempted to skip purchasing the premium versions altogether. This could be a huge security mistake. Or, at best, it will limit the customisation available to you. Still confused? Keep on reading to learn why you should always upgrade to the premium plugin when building a WordPress site.

Reduced Risk

You’ve found the ‘perfect’ plugin to upgrade your online empire. It’s free, easy to install and can be activated with just a few clicks. However, with “59,084 free plugins” available on WordPress (October 2021) – some of these may be too good to be true. Their coding could have vulnerabilities – deliberate or accidental – that open your site to a host of issues. So, what can be done to minimise this risk?

Thankfully, Mark Forrester of argues that premium plugins are “far more favourable” when it comes to avoiding bug-ridden, unsecure or “bloated” plugins. Certainly, the paid versions are maintained – unlike their free incarnations. Updates come as standard too.

Why is this important? Well, a fully maintained plugin can quickly apply patches over any issues that arise. Poised to fix faulty code, you will rest easy knowing that your website’s plugins are being looked after. It is reassuring to know that vulnerabilities will be resolved.

The decision is ultimately yours. Yet, we believe that weighing up the potential financial and legal costs of any faulty plugin against the relatively small investment of buying the premium plugin, presents an easy choice. Going premium is best for your business!

Premium Support is Guaranteed

Nothing beats having a team of helpful people guiding you through the world of WordPress. As with other products and services, it can make the difference between checking out and abandoning the cart. But, whilst you may assume that support is part and parcel of installing a WordPress plugin, there is actually no obligation for developers to provide this.

Having started their passion project, real-world demands can make it difficult for plugin developers to maintain a complimentary plugin. They have, after all, no income from their plugin.

That’s where Premium WordPress plugin licensing comes into play. This makes all the difference by offering “plugin authors steady income, so they can improve the product” and release “a more refined product with reliable support and updates” (WP-Beginner). It just makes sense.

Similarly, going for the premium version of a plugin usually means an improved level of support. Whilst some free plugins do offer this facility, it follows that “they’ll often get to you faster and with better quality help” when you’ve purchased the premium version. There’s also a higher chance of receiving technical documentation and tutorials. This makes your life much easier. Both of these advantages mean they can resolve your query quickly.

More Customisation

As a CMS – or content management system – part of the WordPress appeal lies in the advanced degree of customisation on offer. A site administrator can tailor make a website that is more attuned to the nature of their business. Sure, customisation exists in the free plugin world. But, we’d always nudge you towards the premium option given that it opens up so many more possibilities

Membership sites and those with newsletters can perform better with paid-for plugins. They offer wider ranging features. Another popular example would be the Yoast SEO plugin. This premium plugin can better predict how the ‘search engine gods’ will place your site in the rankings. Network Niche argues that this is due to premium Yoast’s:

  • More complex keywords function
  • Suggested internal link feature
  • Search engine preview tool.

In other words, it guides you further to meet SEO criteria. Therefore, going premium could get your site seen by more people.

As with WordPress themes, paying for a premium plugin unlocks extra levels of personalisation. Previously off-limits goodies are suddenly made available to you and your business. No longer constrained by limited functionality or watered-down services, the world of WordPress becomes your (tech-shaped) oyster.

Why You Should Always Use Premium Plugins with your Website

You’ll stand out for the right reasons

Having access to these added extras means you can go further than the competition. It tells your target customer that you take your business seriously. You are prepared to go premium. Impressing site visitors with features and content that stands out will also start to build trust. Trust is a key part of the sales funnel ‘journey’. Potential customers want to see what makes you stand out and you can answer them via your top of the line plugins. With more features, it’s the broadband to others’ dial-up.

Besides making your life easier when building or maintaining a WordPress site, these more intuitive paid-for plugins enhance the user experience. In essence, you have the tools and aren’t afraid to use them.

Why You Should Always Use Premium Plugins with your Website – Conclusion

As you’ll have noticed, we’re a huge advocate of going premium. Looking for someone to help you create and maintain a WordPress website with top-notch premium plugins? Looking to launch or redesign a website? Our Web Design services can help you navigate the world of WordPress themes. Simply contact us to say “hello” and discuss your needs.

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