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Client: Ron Spalding

Date: May 29, 2018


Designing a brand identify for Ron Spalding and his electrical company who operates across the central belt.
Ron was involved at every stage and welcomed our open, honest approach. Working in this manner not only produces great design, builds client for life. Ron has used our services many times for other projects he is involved in too e.g. Blood Bikes Scotland.

Ron Spalding Electrical

I’ve known thefingerprint for a very long time and having seen their previous work for other companies I knew they were the only company I would ask to create a brand for myself. thefingerprint are very trustworthy, make the whole design process simple and really make you feel you are the centre of everything thefingerprint does. 

thefingerprint created a fantastic identity for myself and was quickly commented on by my clients. They said it was very professional and something that was rare in the industry I work in. Credit to thefingerprint.

As a result of this I have used them on several other times for other projects I’m involved in, including Blood Bikes Scotland and Goldwings Misfits.

Ron Spalding


Ron Spalding a local electrician require and brand identity to promote his services across the central belt. It need to look professional yet in keeping with the industry.


Working with Ron, thefingerprint created a brand which looking fantastic, fun, modern and clever. The use of a power symbol in Ron’s name give the always on feel and electrical angle without the standard tools icons. A subtle but simple solution.


Ron was a delight to work with. He gave clear direction, style and colours preferred and was open to suggestions throughout the whole process. As a result of this project Ron has recommended us to other businesses too.

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